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Pliomax Team Research Sites

The Pliomax team has made multiple expeditions in search of fossil Pliocene beaches in three widely separated regions, in Africa, Australia and North America. They've analyzed some of their samples, though the painstaking process of dating fossils continues. In the coming years the team anticipates exploring sites on other continents. They encourage other researchers to contribute to the growing number of Pliocene beaches studied around the world (see our web site). Click on the sites below to learn more about where the team has gone so far and what they've discovered.

Southern Australia

The Pliomax team found beach fossils, some as high as 90 feet above current sea level, on Australia's Roe Plains. Samples at several sites have subsequently been dated as Pliocene age. LEARN MORE

South Africa

The Pliomax team has explored hundreds of miles of the South African coastline. They discovered 10 sites they believe are of Pliocene age. LEARN MORE

Southeast U.S.

The Pliomax team studied a geological feature known as the Orangeburg Scarp that runs parallel to much of the southeastern U.S. coast. The subtle rise of land was formed by wave action over a long period of high sea level during the Pliocene. LEARN MORE